Cat. No. DVD 1275: RICKY NELSON ~ RICKY NELSON SINGS. CAPITOL 09463-44226-9-2.

Cat. No. DVD 1275: RICKY NELSON ~ RICKY NELSON SINGS. CAPITOL 09463-44226-9-2.

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REVIEW: Ricky Nelson Sings is the premier look at one of the pioneers of Rock & Roll. Chronicling Ricky’s evolution from teen sensation to rock star, it includes 20 of his timeless performances from eight years on The Ozzie & Harriet Show – among them, “Hello Mary Lou”, “Travelin’ Man” and “Lonesome Town” – plus all new interviews with his children, Tracey, Matthew, Gunnar and Sam, his original guitarist James Burton, and musician Kris Kristofferson. This edition also features an additional 30 minutes of bonus interviews and footage, including exclusive performances by the Nelson sons with James Burton. Boasting over 15 Top 10 hits, Ricky Nelson Sings is the definitive statement on an inimitable music legend.

Includes a 60 minute feature documenting Ricky’s performances on The Ozzie & Harriet Show: Hello Mary Lou / Be Bop Baby / I’m Walkin’ / Waitin’ In School / A Teenager's Romance / Never Be Anyone Else But You / Believe What You Say / Fools Rush In / It’s Late / Teenage Idol / My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It / Lonesome Town / You Tear Me Up / Travelin’ Man / Everlovin’ / Young World / Tryin’ To Get To You / It’s Up To You…plus an exclusive performance of “Garden Party” by Ricky’s sons Matthew, Gunnar and Sam.

Extras: “Travelin’ Man” – Ricky On The Ozzie & Harriet Show* “I Got A Feeling” – Ricky On The Ozzie And Harriet Show* Featurette – It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This: Nelson And Burton Together Again (includes performances of “It’s Late” and “Believe What You Say”* Bonus interviews. A must for all Ricky Nelson fans* Excellent *****

Please note some of the clips featured on this DVD are different from those on the Ricky Nelson Greatest Hits DVD and far superior quality and different again from the A Tribute To Ricky Nelson DVD.


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