About Us

Mustang Records was formed in 1999 by two long time friends, Brian Sprague and Eddie Leahy, who saw the need for a record label to deal primarily with “Roots” music acts, to keep their interests at the forefront and provide them with an outlet for their music. Through Brian and Eddie's long association together and independent association with "roots" music, they are fully aware of the difficulties in acts bringing their music to the attention of the public. For too long the major recording labels have ignored this music due to the (perceived) limited market.

Both Brian and Eddie have been involved in the music scene for many years. Brian as an entertainer and recording artist, predominantly in the country music field, and Eddie through his association with The Australian Rock 'n' roll Appreciation Society as a member and more recently as the society's President. And also as a radio presenter of a number of music programs on various Melbourne radio stations covering the whole spectrum of roots music - rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, doo wop, r&b, hillbilly, blue grass, western swing etc.

They both felt it was time someone assembled as many of these acts under the one banner to allow for better marketing and distribution. This would open the doors for many of these acts, which in the past, have been restricted to marketing their product (if they have been able to afford to produce some) through their gigs and a few specialist music stores, and, in turn, enable the acts to receive a good return for their product and so Mustang Records was formed.