Site Information

Welcome to the Mustang Records online store. This is a service to provide you, the music fan, the opportunity to purchase CDs and DVDs at a very fair price without leaving the comfort of your armchair, as well, we aim to provide an outlet for many of Australia's "roots" artists to reach the general public with their products.

We at Mustang Records have spent many hours searching the record companies' catalogues in an endeavour to find original recordings for the "roots" music fans to purchase as well as a limited range of quality re-recordings and we will continue to do so. How often have you seen a CD at a retail outlet and wished to purchase it but have no way of telling if the recordings are original? I'm sure we have all had our "fingers burnt" at one time or another by purchasing a CD which we believe to be "original recordings" (some even marked as such) only to find when we play the CD that they are inferior re-recordings or "live" recordings. One of the most common tricks by the trade is to mark the CD "Original Artists" but no indication that the recordings are in fact the original artist but not original recordings. Mustang Records checks out all the CDs that we purchase to determine if the recordings are original or re-recordings. If a CD contains re-recordings we will indicate such in our notes about the recording. In relation to re-recordings or "live" recordings, generally only re-recordings and "live" recordings of extremely good quality or of significant historic value will be offered for sale in our catalogue. Occasionally, a CD may slip under our guard and if it is later determined that the recordings are not "original", Mustang Records will make a full refund.

Mustang Records also aims to provide access to many hard to get recordings some of which have been released in very limited quantities. In addition, Mustang Records will provide access to many of the "roots" music re-issue labels such as Bear Family, Ace, Collectables Records, Sundazed, Rhino, Rockhouse, Rockstar, Collector's Choice, Canetoad Records and many others.

Our catalogue will generally be updated on a weekly basis so if you don't find anything you may be interested in, keep checking our catalogue for regular updates.