Brandi and the Badcats is a hard edged rockabilly band that is not afraid to

say it like it is. Formed in Melbourne, Australia, in 2002 they moved to Brisbane,

Queensland when they found that Rockabilly rules the Sunshine State.


The move has proved super positive for the band as they are now pumping out more original songs

every show. This band rocks hard with edgy tunes that make you think and drive

                  your feet to dance in a higher gear. Brandi’s double bass rumbles the room through

                  her Gallien Krueger amp which she also uses in her alter ego band “The Wild One

                  Tribute to Suzi Q" show. With “The Wild One” show the Badcats are bringing

                  Rockabilly to audiences that would never get to see a rockabilly band.


The Badcats hold their own at gigs all over the East coast of Australia,

and hopefully soon the world.



Band Members:


Brandi, Lead vocals and Double Bass.


Reno, Guitar and vocals.


Steve, Drums and backing vocals.








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